Jewelry Care

Jewelry care
Samie jewelry is made of waterproof steel and gold-plated steel. The gilding will wear over time. Stainless steel jewelry is much more durable than silver jewelry.

Your steel jewelry can withstand water, sweat and perfume. You can therefore keep them on when you take a shower, salt water and chlorine water, without having to worry about them losing their color for the next 2 years.

Steel jewelry can't stand it:

Delicate & hard surfaces, such as when you rub the surface of your hand along hard surfaces that give clear scratches. Sand and stones between the fingers. The above and the like will cause scratches and thus wear off the coating - this is not called a complaint, but normal wear and tear.

How to clean the jewelry!

Jewelry in steel

 Can be used in water, during training and are very durable. They simply need to be polished with a fiber cloth.

Gold-plated jewelry
Gold-plated steel jewelry is gold-plated with 18 carat gold. Clean gold-plated steel with a dry soft cloth and use silver dip to remove oxidation from the jewelry.