Josefine & Olivia Dahl


The sisters Josefine and Olivia Dahl love summer, sun, good energy, and travelling. In collaboration with Sistie, the girls have each made their own perfume, which is an invitation to anyone who wants to join their dream trip.

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Sun, summer, and dreams in bottles

'We want to share the feeling of 'jumping into life, living out our dreams and passing on good energy and good vibes'. Buy sun, summer and dreams in bottles.

TROPICAL - Josefine Dahl

My dream is to experience the world and create a lot of good memories, experience other cultures – it's my biggest passion in life!

My perfume is called TROPICAL, and it is important to me that it characterizes meas a person. My scent is sweet but at the same time fresh and youthful, and that's exactly what I want my scent to signal.

SUNKISSED - Oliva Dahl

I dream of getting to experience the whole world, I love to travel especially with people I care about. I love the feeling of holiday, warmth, and sun; therefore, my perfume is called SUNKISSED. I believe that everything happens for a reason, which is why I want to spread joy, and give people a push to be happy again if they are having a bad day.

With the perfume SUNKISSED, I would like to pass on the feeling of holiday, water, sun, and palmtrees to others.

Smell good, feel good...

Both perfumes will be launched at the end of April 2021 and will cost DKK 450 for 50 ml on sale.

They can be purchased at, and at Sisties retailers in Denmark and Norway.