Olivia Dahl


"I had a dream. A dream where I designed my own jewelry collection. Now the dream has come true and I have been looking forward to showing it to you."

"Sistie helped me get started. I had a lot of ideas and thoughts. The jewelry should symbolize something that had value for me and that makes me happy and in a good mood."

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The sun brings joy

The sun was the first thing that came to me, cause sunshine always makes me happy and carries a lot of memories with family and friends. The sun brings joy and warmth at the same time and I am a real summer girl. I love everything about summer and when the sun is shining everything is possible.

The sun is my jewelry symbol

I had a lot of ideas in my head about how I would like the jewelry to look, but at the same time I was not aware of how they should end up. So I started thinking about what matters to me. I took out a piece of paper and started writing and drawing a lot.

The first thing I wrote was the word "sun". The sun makes me happy, and in a good mood. I'm a real summer girl. Therefore, I knew that the sun should be my symbol and design of all my jewelry. The sun gives me a positive vibe, and makes me feel that anything is possible.

The next thing I wanted was some colour. Bright colors are more fun to look at. The color blue then came into play because blue is my absolute favorite color. I am a dancer, and therefore often wear hoodies and large sweaters, and there are not very many pieces of jewelery that you can wear, where you can actually see them under a hoodie. Therefore, I really wanted to make some necklaces that fit together, and at the same time were close to the neck! The same goes for the earrings, they should be small and simple but still beautiful. I am so happy with the result of all my necklaces, because they turned out just as I had intended.