Melissa Bentsen


Through my collaboration with Sistie, I have had the opportunity to get my message out in the form of jewelery art. I did not doubt for a second what my jewelery collection should look like – because my message was clear. All elements have a meaning and a story.

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You are so much more

I have a tattoo that is dedicated to my followers, friends, and people around me - it says, "you are so much more".

My tattoo means that we are so much more than our dumb thoughts about ourselves. Each of us has so much to offer, and it is a shame that it goes to waste because we are upset about things about ourselves – things that people don't even notice. It is typically the "flaws" we have that attract others, and it is typically our "flaws" that people fall for and find beautiful.

So 'Own them'!

Melissa about the collection

In this video you can see Melissa talking about her jewelry collaboration with Sistie. Melissa talks, among other things, about the design process behind the jewelery and how she went from idea to the finished result.

She talks about all the jewelery's meaning and how she got the idea of ​​shapes, designs and stones.

Learn to love yourself

I have been there myself, I have fought with myself to a new position with focus on self-love. You must be open to new and good thoughts. And every time you look at your new jewelry from this collection, keep in mind that we are in this together.

You're not alone. We fight together and everything becomes much easier the day you discover how beautiful you are and always have been.