Kathrine Fisker


"Since I was 12 years old I have loved sharing my life online. I share pretty much everything with my followers as I mostly do daily vlogging."

My style is very simple. I love white, brown and beige shades. I dreamed of creating a collection of simple jewelry that can fit any outfit and give that "extra spice".

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Achieve your goals

The stone helps leave all negativity behind, so you can think ahead and thus achieve your goals. It has always been incredibly important to me.

Creating my very own jewelry

Creating my very own jewelry collection with Sistie is a dream come true. Seeing my ideas go from pencil drawings to a piece of jewelry that I can wear every single day has been the best experience.

Collection drops 07.11

The collection will be launched on Sunday 7/11 - you can buy the jewelry HERE and at our retailers .