Join a photo shoot 📸

Do you love taking photos and personal styling? Do you like standing both behind and in front of the camera? Then join Sistie on a photo shoot. A day filled with photos, jewellery, friends, fun, cafe, and of course a lovely goodie bag. Get lots of cool styling photos taken with Sistie jewelery at an awesome location.

The next event will be in the beginning of 2020 in Copenhagen. The places will be in great demand, so if you are interested you can already sign up now. Approximately 14 days before the event we will draw lots for the places and the event is free for the participants.

Fill out with your name and email and click "Sign up" below.

We are very excited for a creative day in company with you and the other ladies.

Already successful photo shoots:

Sunday June 28th 2020


The girls experience 💙

“The day went super fine. I think Sistie had a good plan and control of everything that was going to happen. I felt safe and could enjoy myself very much! "

"The best thing about the day, was that everyone wasn't shy, but open to suggestions. Both the Sistie team and the other girls went all in. The mood was great and everything seemed so professional."

"The day lived up to more than my expectations! It was such a good day. It could not have been better."

“I learned a lot about how professional photos are taken and what to look out for when taking those photos. I also got to know a lot of beautiful girls on the day"

"First of all, I got a whole new community of hard working women and welcoming, sweet girls. It made it much easier to stand in front of the camera, as the mood was so positive and encouraging. "

"The very best thing was styling ourselves or helping the other girls with styling and taking pictures with a professional photographer."

Your unique look

We would like to have you on the Photoshoot, as we love to be inspired by how you want to put together your sistie jewellery. By mixing and matching the jewellery, you create your very own personal look.

Photo skills

You don't need to be good at taking pictures, just love jewelry and like to look in front of a camera. We find a cool location. It can be in Copenhagen or somewhere else where we find a cool location.