Kamilla Broberg

You can visit Kamilla on Instagram here @kamillabroberg

Who am I?

Hello ❤️

My name is Kamilla and I am 26 years old. I have a degree in social work and special education and will start a master's degree after the summer. I love taking pictures and wearing makeup. Sometimes I find myself putting my makeup on at night just to take it off again and go to bed.

Describe your clothing style:

My clothing style is usually very colorful. And then I usually order clothes from London, as I like to have something a little different.

What makes you happy?

My mother and my best friend can always make me happy. If I'm sad or having a bad day I always call one of them.

What does your jewelry mean to you?

For me, my jewelery is part of my outfit.

Why do you like Sistie jewelry?

They are different and innovative. I like that they listen so much to their consumers and even offer jewelry courses where you can try your hand at designing.

What is your favorite Sistie jewelry?

My Melissa Bentsen necklace. Loves the Japanese characters for "self-confidence".

Do you have any advice for other young women?

A piece of jewelry advice from me is, try to mix different pieces of jewelry, collections and colors. They can give a completely unique expression.

What is your best styling tip?

I usually mix several pieces of jewelry at once. I like to wear several rings or several necklaces at the same time.

Here you see Kamilla's favorite Sistie jewellery