Xenia Englert

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Who am I?

Info about Xenia

Describe your clothing style

My clothing style changes quite a lot, I love to explore and combine different styles. However, my jewelry style has remained the same for as long as I can remember. I love slightly chunky jewelery combined with the slightly more "fine". I love putting together lots of different pieces of jewelry. Especially earrings. I have 3 holes in each ear, so I think it's really cool to combine different earrings that you wouldn't immediately think could go together.

What makes you happy?

It makes me happy when I am in control of my life and in control of myself. When I know what I have to do, manage my things and have good people around me. Besides that, music also makes me happy. I really live for music and songwriting and there is nothing better than when I have just written the coolest song or if a producer has sent me a demo that I just love.

What does your jewelry mean to you?

Different pieces of jewelery can always give an outfit a completely new look. I'm not the type to place a lot of sentimental value in my jewellery, but I love experimenting with different jewelery combinations. So a bold and personal style is probably what jewelry means to me.

What is your best styling tip?

Different earrings in each ear I think really gives a unique and cool look!

Why do you like Sistie jewelry?

Because there is something for every taste! I now have quite a lot of Sistie jewelery and it is pretty much the only jewelery I wear. I can always find something that fits my outfit exactly and the look I would like.

What is your favorite Sistie jewelry?

The Becca necklace (and anklet) is definitely my favorite. It's chunky, but still nice and you can style it in so many different ways. My favorite styling is the Becca necklace with the Bentsen necklace. They go so well together. In second place come the new rings from the Sara Emely x Sistie collection. They are really beautiful. You can style them both fine and rough, it's so cool!

Do you have any advice for other young women?

Mix & match! Try different combinations and find your very own style! Jewelery can really take on a completely different look, depending on which other jewelery you style it with.

What do you dream about?

I dream of being a musician. Either singer or songwriter. Or both?? I'm a bit like that already, hehe, but I'm working on bigger projects and then we'll have to see where it goes. So far I have released 3 singles. My favorite is definitely my song “HEKS”, because it is really written with heart. Instead of writing a diary, I have always written songs. My music career is not something I am betting everything on, but it is a small dream inside of me.

Here you can see Xenia's favorite Sistie jewellery