Fie Buch

You can visit Fie's Instagram here @fie.buch

Who am I?

My name is Fie, I am 16 years old and about to start 1st grade. Then I work in a small clothes shop and love spending time with my friends.

Describe your clothing style

My clothing style is very mixed, but for the most part it is very minimalistic. My wardrobe consists mainly of neutral colors, but I also love a bit of color every now and then.

What makes you happy?

It always makes me happy to be surrounded by positive people.

What does your jewelry mean to you?

They mean an awful lot. I think they help make an outfit personal and more interesting. The more the better!

What is your best styling tip?

My best style tip is probably to buy clothes that can be used for both everyday life and parties. A nice dress can be dressed up with a pair of stilettos for a party, but can also be dressed down with a pair of cool sneaks for everyday life. This means that you get full use of your clothes, and can therefore allow you to buy a more exclusive dress.

Why do you like Sistie jewelry?

Sistie's jewelry is very much my style as it is so simple. Again, my style is quite minimalist, so the jewelry goes super well with all my outfits!

What is your favorite Sistie jewelry?

It's hard to choose! But I would probably say the Becca bracelet and the Dream pearl earrings.

Do you have any advice for other young women?

My best advice is probably to be careful about following all the latest trends. You have to find your own style through which you can express yourself.

Here you can see Fie's favorite Sistie jewellery