Jewellery designer 💍

Is your dream to become a designer?

At Sistie we love jewellery and we really want to invite you into our Bling Bling universe. Here you have the opportunity to live out your jewellery designer dreams for a day. Take part in Sistie’s event day, where we will design, draw, share ideas, gain knowledge about jewellery production, and just have a great time – of course with some goodies - and a lovely goodie bag.

We meet at the office in Hillerød and the event lasts about 3-4 hours. The next event will be in the beginning of 2020. There will be around 15 places and they will be in great demand. So if you are interested you can already sign yourself up for a place. Approximately 14 days before the event we will draw lots for the places and the event will be free for the participants. You don’t have to be very good at drawing, as long as you love jewellery and want to be creative with us. Maybe you already have some ideas for a jewellery piece you can share.

Fill out with your name and email and click “Sign up” below.

We are very excited for a creative day in company with you and the other ladies.

Already held design days:

Wednesday June 17th 2020 

En kreativ dag

Deltag på sistie’s smykke eventdag, hvor vi skal designe, tegne, dele ideer, få viden om smykkeproduktion og ellers bare hygge – selvfølgelig med lidt godt – og en lækker goodiebag.