Gabriella Hallager


I have a dream of becoming an actor. I have already been in various TV and theater productions, but I want to do even more.

I love fashion, seeing it change constantly, creating it and being a part it. I am half Mexican and I am very much inspired by both the Latin-American and Asian kultur and design.

My thoughts behind these jewelries were most of all that they could be the centerpiece of a basic outfit.

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My Collection

The most important part of my collection’s look was that it remined me of summer, which I love deeply. I chose the ones that were most indie-inspired as I love the vibe. I adore and love the result of my collection and think it has been so exciting to be a part of the whole process. Now the jewelry can finally be bought.


The collection, made for your girls, is based on a very close collaboration between Sistie and I. Sistie has become a universe on social media where young girls can share ideas, styles and have a lot a fun, which is actually super cool.  

I’ve been inspired by the colors and the lifestyle of Mexico when I (we) designed the jewelries, but I have just recently been on holiday in Spain, where I can see that many designs also are very indie-inspired. If you have not been on vacation this year because of Covid-19, I am sure my jewelry can bring some extra sunshine and summer vibes to your outfits. Even though the sun has not shone so much in Denmark this year.