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Wednesday, July 17, 10 jewelery interested girls met in pleasant surroundings at Sistie in Hillerød. We held our first jewelry design event. The girls had learned from home the theme of the event, which this time was the sea. This gave them a chance to consider design ideas in advance.

The table was decorated with the theme of the sea, so the girls had the right inspiration when they later sat down and had fun drawing.

We had prepared a lot of exciting activities and of course plenty of snacks, good sandwiches and something to drink in this summer heat we had.

smykkedesignevent, sistie, sistie smykker, smykker, event, pigehygge

To start off the event, Kamille talked about "being creative". How do we get the ideas we have in our heads down on paper, so others can understand our thoughts. She showed some of her own sketchbooks, where she has written down many ideas. The girls listened attentively as there was a lot of good advice and inspiration from Kamille.

Afterwards, some of the sketches and process of Melissa Bentsen's jewelry were shown. Everything from the first idea and inspiration to the production of the finished piece of jewelry. A very exciting process.

smykkedesignevent, sistie, sistie smykker, smykker, event, pigehygge

We also had two of our former Interns visiting, Sara and Sophie who each designed their own jewelery collection in collaboration with Sistie.

They study a professional bachelor's in Jewelry, Technology and Business at the Copenhagen Business Academy (KEA). The girls helped start Sistie up and were Sistie interns for 6 months, where they have been given the opportunity to create their own collection.

Sara and Sophie talked about their education and what it was like to design their own jewelry. Sophie's collection is already out now and you can find it here. Saras collection is going to be launched at the end of June

smykkedesignevent, sistie, sistie smykker, smykker, event, pigehygge

After the presentations, the rest of the evening was spent drawing sketches and writing down ideas. Delicious sandwiches were eaten and enjoyed. We had provided some nice Goodiebags for the girls to have some fun with.

For the best ending to a super cozy evening, the girls had the possibility to get extra holes in their ears if the wanted to and could get permission. Everyone was super cool and many returned home with an extra set of holes in their ear.

It was a super cozy and successful event, with a lot of happy girls. To see upcoming design events - follow here

smykkedesignevent, sistie, sistie smykker, smykker, event, pigehygge 

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