Interview with Josephine Højbjerg aka Tinka

My dream is a reality

At the end of October Sistie met Josephine Chavarria Højbjerg for an exclusive interview about being young, a high school student, an actor – and living on Bornholm. In August Josephine started high school, but the need to have a career as an actor also pulls her in the direction of the city

josephine højbjerg Tinka

It all started with Little Per

It all started with the movie about Little Per that Josephine saw in the cinema with her mother. During the movie Josephine burst out – I want to be an actor too! And at 8 years old Josephine was at her first casting in Copenhagen.

After 4 castings and hard work practicing lines Josephine got the role as Pil in the TV series Pendlerkids. It was the start of an aspiring acting career. Since then, Josephine has been in lots of TV series and movies!

Casting and great memory

But Josephine, how do you get to go to a casting?

Today you can find most castings on Facebook, the internet, or through a casting agent. Some castings are open, which means thousands of girls show up and the competition is tough.

How does a casting work?

Usually you get a text sent to you, where a role is intended for you.

And then it is just about practicing and remembering your lines. At the actual casting you typically act across from the caster who says the lines of the other roles.

And what about remembering the lines?

I have actually always been good at remembering my lines – maybe it is because I love what I do and because I also have a great memory.

For Josephine this is definitely her dream come true!

Josephine Højbjerg Tinka

Here you come USA

What is going to happen after 'Tinka and the King's Game'? I will be continuing high school and acting, however, I won't rule out that I might drop out of high school if I get a big role in a movie or TV-series even though I know it is smartest to continue, but acting is my life and I am so passionate about it.


My biggest dream would be to go to the USA and meet my big idol Leonardo DiCaprio. He is really cool and was really hot in Titanic, and he is also an extremely good actor. Imagine if one day I could work with him – that would be crazy! It probably won't happen, but one can dream.

Do you experience jealousy from the outside world?

I used to get bullied in my class, maybe because of acting, I don't know – but luckily that doesn't happen anymore. I think it happens more among children rather than teenagers. And then you just need to speak up and say something to the people bullying!

Have you ever felt insecure?

Yes, I have – when you're completely new in acting you can feel insecure and like you 'aren't good enough' when you go to a casting. Of course, you want the role, and you know there are a lot of others who also want it. You have to be prepared to be turned down because you might not have the right appearance for the role. And it is important to understand that it is about the role, not about you personally. I love my field and I am 100% passionate about it so I don't get phased by a “no”.

You have to fight for what you dream about and that can be hard! You unfortunately don't achieve anything without effort.

So, my best advice to others is;

Keep fighting! Go for your dreams! - never give up!

Hear the whole interview with Josephine HERE

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