AT HOME - waiting...

By Sara Todorovic

The corona time is causing havoc and our normal everyday life has been turned upside down. You cannot see your friends anymore, you have to keep a distance from everyone and everything, and be careful of everyone around you in a way you have never been used to.

It can be hard for us young people to respond to, especially when we have never tried anything like this. We are used to seeing it as a good thing if we are outside with our friends and are active in school, or if we get time off school. Now it's a bad thing; if you are outside you can't hug your friends - and it is suddenly not as fun to stay home from school.

Maybe you have family that is high risk – maybe you are high risk yourself. Even if you aren't extra vulnerable to corona the anxiety can still come to life: When can I see my friends again? When can I go to a party? When can I go to school again? How will it end? Will it ever end?

When you feel a little scared it is important to remember that viruses and influenza wreak havoc every year. When we all get a cold in the winter months then it is the exact same thing that happens. Corona is not a big and scary super deadly virus. It is just new so none of us are immune and there is not a vaccine. We don't have enough knowledge about corona to say "never mind" like we do during the winter. However, we do know that corona is almost twice as contagious as a normal virus is. That is why it is important that we take care of each other.

Even though we, and all our friends, are young, healthy, and well, it is not everyone who is. It is the other people that we need to take care of. That requires that we think about more than ourselves – and that is a very good thing to learn.

When it gets a little heavy, tiresome, and sad then try to think about the good things that you can find during this time. If you go to school, then you might be able to plan your time and work on your homework early. You might be able to sleep in a little on the weekdays. You might have more time on your hands to be creative, practice a sport or a hobby, read, and everything else you usually forget in your everyday life because you are busy with friends, school, or work.

It isn't fun, you miss your friends and your everyday life, but it is important that we all make an effort and keep our heads high. The more of us that take care the shorter time it will be before we can go back to our normal lives. That is a summer to look forward to.

And we look forward to seeing all our friends again ❤️❤️❤️

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